Sunday 9 September 2012

Finn is eight

The dark-haired boy is eight. Finn had a midweek birthday this year so he was at school but opened his presents beforehand. He and his brothers have been up a little too smartly since school restarted, but, to their credit, have been getting dressed and getting their own cereal, albeit a little messily.

I left work smartly, picked up Angus and drove to Straiton, to Frankie & Benny's which was Finn's preferred location for his birthday tea. Brodie was invited too. The boys mostly had pizza while I enjoyed a gammon steak with chips and fried egg. Always a gluten-free favourite in a rather gluten-intensive eatery such as F & B's. We got Finn a new bike for his birthday, a blue Trax mountain bike with six gears, as he has been cycling well on his old bike which has no gear and two broken pedals. Maybe he deserved a new one!

Amongst his other presents, and with his birthday money, Finn favoured science kits - making slime and volcanoes and the like. He's burnt a few patches on the back lawn, I've noticed! His party was at Gymtastic in Penicuik, the current favourite with Rowan and Sean as it features rings, trampoline, parallel bars, a vault and a rope swing as well as lots and lots of foam for jumping, diving, somersaulting and falling into. Angus had a great time launching himself off the vault into the foam, working up his usual sweat. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and Sharon's two-tone birthday chocolate and Victoria sponge cake.

I also had a nice Saturday day out with the wee two, which gave Rowan the chance to be the leader for a change. We drove up to Loch Leven and got the boat across to the castle, reprising Angus's second birthday day out. Angus and Rowan had fun chasing a grouse in the castle grounds. We tried to eat at Loch Leven's Larder but it was too busy so we headed to the Inn at Scotlandwell instead. More gammon for me and macaroni cheese for the boys. We completed our circuit of the loch, arriving back at Kinross for a play at the park there, Angus loving the slide and managing to negotiate the web. Rowan had a great time in "the spinny thing", enticing Angus in too.

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