Monday 22 October 2012

October break

As previously noted, Sean has been inspired by the Great British bake-Off (GBBO) and even Angus has been demanding "I wanna watch the Bake-Off". So, we put Sean's birthday money from Nana and Papa towards three days' attendance at the Edinburgh Cook School out at Kirkliston. It was just as well as the weather was filthy for most of the school holiday week. Phoebe and Ross were there too and Sean had a great time. He made soups, did baking, made rolls, Thai fish cakes, burgers, pizza; all sorts of things. We only got to sample a few items as most were consumed on the premises, but he did very well and certainly enjoyed himself. He has chosen to do baking as a hobby as part of working for his JAS award (a sort of extra-curricular pre-Duke of Edinburgh type scheme) and has had a litter of cookbooks scattered around his bedroom. Perhaps we'll see more of a return on this investment than on the golf coaching!

There was a Saturday gymnastics taster session at Ladywood that Finn went along to, as well as Sean, but Finn wasn't too enthused. I'd say Finn is more adept at picking up things that require skill rather than out and out athleticism and any sort of class where he has to wait around for his turn doesn't seem to engage him. He's started his skiing lessons with his P4 classmates but we need to get him doing a bit more, physically.

I took the Friday off and we went into town and walked along to the Royal Academy. The boys were funny at the Ross Theatre in the Gardens, with Rowan stomping on to the stage and declaring a tap dancing show. The rest then followed up by cavorting around on the boards. There was no audience save for Sharon and myself. The art gallery was interesting but not necessarily the best place for four boys under ten, the stuffy atmosphere rather matching the overly religious and traditional artwork on display. The boys did enjoy a mythical beasts exhibition however, and it inspired them, once home, to draw their own mythical beast.

On the Sunday we found ourselves in another gallery, the Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA), as the culmination of a trip through to Glasgow. Sharon went with Sean and Rowan to see the North European Gymnastics championship in the new Emirates Arena in Parkhead while I drove in and around the city centre with the other two, eventually parking at Queen St station and heading for lunch in Zizzi's in Princes Sq. Finn and Angus had a great time playing on the escalators! The others really enjoyed the gymnastics, Rowan having room to roam and Sean picking up a few tips. We met up again at GOMA and enjoyed a drawing session. Having just spent some time in an art shop across the road, it was good to do something arty, not to be good at it, but just to express. I did a nice little sketch of Finn, though the boy himself and Rowan dismissed it. Harsh critics!

We had a family swim at Bonnyrigg to round off the holiday, Sean most upset that Wester Hailes was closed. When will they learn that throwing tantrums when we have no control over the situation is a waste of everyone's energy? Instead we had a good time at Bonnyrigg in the two pools. Angus was a demon once the water slide opened, demanding Sharon and I accompany him down. Rowan and Finn had a great time in the deeper pool, swimming through the "waterfall".

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