Wednesday 31 October 2012

Trick or treat

Sean was desperately excited about Hallowe'en. It's probably a combination of the clocks going back, the proximity of his birthday, the chance to go out in the dark with his friends but, most importantly, the prospect of a load of sweets that really winds him up. He has a devilishly sweet tooth that boy. Sharon did the needful, in terms of getting them dressed up and made up. To quote her: I may not have daughters but boys can certainly display diva tendencies! Bloody costumes and face painting for trick or treating! I am not nor ever have been a make-up artist, but that fact is lost on my Divas! And I heard Rowan say to Finn "... And that will complete the look"!!! All good fun though! Finn was dressed as a vampire and said he was going to go round the houses saying "No blood please, I'm vegetarian!" Typical of Finn's sense humour. Sean said his black "ninja" face paint wasn't "intense" enough. Rowan changed his mind and his outfit 20 times, and it was Angus' first time trick or treating - the poor lamb burst into tears and wanted to go home. Ro was unimpressed as he realised this would restrict his sweetie haul!

Sharon took the wee two round a few houses in the street, Angus, dressed as a spider, hiding in her skirts and being shy while the bold Rowan took the lead. Sean went out with friends around Swanston and Finn likewise did a tour of the houses with his school mates, seeing many other Pentland faces in disguise on the way. The rains of earlier in the day had cleared so it was a fair enough evening for them to be out. All seemed to enjoy themselves and, more importantly, were delighted with their bounty. The sweet ration card will need to be played over the next few weeks.

Sean has been continuing with his gymanstics and was part of a Lothian Gymnastics Club display at Ladywood Leisure Centre last Saturday. He's at the point he seems to get to with all his activities where he starts swithering about whether he wants to continue. Dedication and ambition don't seem high on his list at his age. His natural ability gets him so far but he doesn't maybe appreciate the effort that goes into learning the basics to the point that they become automatic. He gets very enthusiastic for a while but that starts to wane as something else catches his eye (for example, baking). Rowan has joined him at a lunchtime gym class at the school and seems to be enjoying it. He would have the ideal wiry build and explosive energy for gymnastics but getting him to hold a pose or stretch might be a challenge. He was enthusiastically telling us about a visit to the school from Shauna Mullin, who was part of Team GB's beach volleyball pair at this year's Olympics. Rowan said he was asking a lot of questions, which I could well believe!

Finn has given up swimming lessons, as he can swim well enough to satisfy us and is probably a better swimmer than Sean if they go head to head. But don't tell Sean that.

The Barnes were up north for an extended mid term break and we had the pleasure of their company on Sunday. It was good to see the Wallace boys and the Barnes girls getting on. Angus admitted that Innes was his girlfriend. Sharon was laid up, however, with a very sore knee, exact cause unknown. She had felt it getting sore the day before at the Pampered Chef Autumn Rally and we were out at a wedding at the Mansion House at the Zoo on the Saturday night, at which she had a wee jig, so she may have damaged some ligaments. It has slowly improved as the week has gone on but I wouldn't trust her to survive doing the twist.

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