Monday 29 April 2013

East and West Lothian

I got out for my second golf outing of the year on Thursday, bagging my first new course of 2013 - North Berwick - courtesy of colleague David Milne, who is a member there. Playing with Martin Campbell against David and David Marr, we plotted our way around NB on a cool but relatively calm morning, losing 2&1. I ran up a 10 on one hole but played reasonably. I'm not scoring well though. After a pleasant lunch in the friendly clubhouse, we drove over to Whitekirk for the afternoon. The breeze got up making shots into the wind very challenging and stopping the ball downwind very difficult too. And the greens were like shag pile carpets - impossible to judge the pace. I fared one shot better but played poorly. Only some single putts and a birdie kept me in it. We halved the match thanks to Martin sinking a five footer on the final green.

Sharon was down in London for a special meeting from Sunday to Monday so I took the boys out for a picnic after dropping her to the airport. As soon as we got to Beecraigs a nasty shower came on and it remained that way for the rest of the day. Picnic in the car, a brief walk through the woods, a short play in the playpark and then off to Almondvale shopping centre in Livingston. Anything to keep the boys out the house without paying admission money!

Angus has been very clingy of late and grumpy. We're not sure if he's had a virus or something but he's certainly been flashing his temper at every opportunity. Rowan has now finished the Order of the Phoenix and has one Harry Potter book left to read. Does he understand them? He appears to. He's not skipping pages, nor is he asking questions, so I can only assume he's interpreting most of it correctly.

The boys have been going daft for the Foo Fighters greatest hits CD in the car. Much as I like the band and appreciate the boys listening to something more than pop pap, I am getting a little fed up of hearing the same tracks over and over again!

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