Sunday 5 May 2013

Big week for Sean

We are very proud of Sean. Today we drove down the A7 a short distance and, after a brief picnic with the wee three, we made our way down the winding road past Borthwick Castle to the scout camp tucked in a dale. As we drove in to the field, there was Sean looking taller and older, standing by the dying campfire with a long stick, flicking cans out of the ashes. In his green wellies and green cub top he looked as grown up as we have seen him, and handsome too, as he greeted us with a big smile.

Sean, and a few of his other cub buddies, had the chance to join the Scout camp this weekend. He hummed and hawed a little but we're delighted he took up the chance. It was cold and damp when I dropped him off on the Friday evening and they had to pitch tents (no bunks this time), finishing in the dark. Beyond that he seems to have had a great time, between activities and inspections and cooking and tidying up. He was close to nodding off as we returned home in the car after the closing ceremony. Rowan is desperate to get to Beavers and emulate his older brothers.

Earlier in the week, Sean also saw the culmination of his enterprise project which has consumed his attention for a few weeks. Along with two others, the plan was to make and sell key-rings using Hama beads to design a variety of fobs. They each got £5 from the parents' council, provided their presented plan passed muster (which it did) and had to use the capital to buy what was required and undertake their activity to try to make a profit. Their class organised a craft fair on Wednesday and had all the other classes visiting. The key-rings were a big hit, in fact the three boys made £100 profit, easily the biggest contributor to the £300 the class made. There's definitely an entrepreneurial gene in Sean - from his mother's side!

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