Saturday 11 May 2013

Out twice in a week

Sharon and I managed to get out twice this week! On Tuesday, we went to see Derren Brown at the Playhouse, Sharon having bought the tickets for me as a Christmas present. It was a good show, plenty of pseudo mind-reading and sleight of hand and a good finale involved numeracy and memory skills. I suspect there was a bit of hidden camera work and collusion but it was entertaining. Afterwards we picked up Marie and Michael from Milne's Bar. They came over as cover this week while Sharon went down to Birmingham for a couple of days of meetings. Normally they would be over in May to look after all four boys as we jaunt off on the Pampered Chef incentive trip, but this year only Sharon will be heading to the Med, leaving me to do the childminding.

On Sharon's return from Birmingham on Friday, I met her in Whigham's after work. We shared a bottle of wine then headed through to Queensferry St Lane, to Sygn, one of the newer bars in the area that also does decent food. Sharon was very impressed with her burger. The fried halloumi starter disappeared quickly too. I realised we hadn't paid for the wine at Whigham's so we dropped back in there to settle up before there was a police report out on us! It was good to be out after work on a Friday with just my wife. It must be years since we did that!

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