Wednesday 16 January 2008

Finn moves on to pre-school

The last two days have seemed quite eventful in the Wallace household. For a start, yesterday was Finn's last day at Playgroup at St Fillans. His teachers seemed genuinely sad to see him go, especially Jackie Selby. Herself and Finn have a bit of a "thing" for one another, each the others favourite. Helen Cackette's parting words "if only we could have a room full of Finn's!" were enough to make me raise my eyebrows! What's the phrase? Street angel, house devil!

Rowan's first proper shoesWhile he was enjoying his last morning there, Rowan and I headed off to Clarks at the Fort to get the Wee Man's first proper pair of shoes. He has been walking long enough now to warrant a pair. So he was fascinated with all the attention his little feet were getting in the shop! A suitable pair picked and paid for, Rowan kicked up his heels and just legged it out of the shop, wearing his new shoes, hung a sharp left and headed towards Early Learning Centre at high speed.

When we got home, I realised I had forgotten to stop and get milk. As my need for my morning cuppa was so great, Rowan and I decided to walk around to the shop to get some, and break in the shoes. He was thrilled at the newfound freedom. The only flaw in the plan is that he seemed intent on turning and heading in the opposite direction at 30 second intervals! We also need to work on the old hand-holding as well, me thinks. The trip to the shop took half an hour!

Flash in the dark!Today, Finn started with his Pre-School Nursery, adjoined to Sean's school. He didn't seem bothered about me going, played with jigsaws and playdo, and when I returned he was on the space hopper in the outdoor play area with the rest of the kids. It is weird to think that two of the three boys are now in the official "system". I was delighted to find out that Katrina McBrierty was Finn's key worker, as she had taught Sean and I still hold her in the highest esteem. A wonderful teacher and a great way with kids. She also seemed to be pleased to have Finn in her class.

So just as I was getting into the swing of the school/playgroup routine, it's all change! The day will be busy enough with three trips to the school each day - drop Sean at 8.50, Finn at 12.30 and collect both at 2.50 and 3.05 respectively. I feel a little bit bad that poor Rowan just has to fit in around it all, and wont be able to get as full a daytime sleep as he might otherwise have.

That's what we like to seeOur boys are growing up very fast. As Ian said the other day, he turned and looked at all three having breakfast and the realisation that they are all very much boys now, Rowan isn't a baby any more.

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