Tuesday 16 December 2008

Pre-Christmas Festivities

It's been a while since I entered anything into this blog, but I plead a multitude of reasons: kids, work, housework (yeah right!), tiredness, and for those who haven't heard through the jungle drums - pregnancy. Ian and I are expecting our fourth (and final) addition to the clan next summer. It's been a bit of an unreal pregnancy, not being sick this time round. Rowan's pregnancy was a daily visit to the loo to be ill, so this is quite a novelty for me this time round!

The boys seem quite excited at the prospect of another nipper running around the house, Finn more so than the others. Every day, he'll ask "how is the baby going today, Mum?" which is sweet, and he can't seem to walk past me without rubbing the now obvious bump. If the baby is a girl, we have to call her Zoe, after his best pal, seemingly. However, I think that is highly unlikely - an 89% chance of a boy, I am told!

Finn had his Pre-school Nativity play on Friday, himself playing the part of a shepherd with one line "I'm freezing!", which he delivered in a fine Athlone accent, dropping the 'g'! He looked the part, with the tunic and the teatowel around the head, singing away and doing his actions to each song. Bordeom set in after a while and he was trying to surreptitiously knock off his friend Rory's teatowel mid-song.

It was only that evening that I found out the sad news about one of the children there playing the role of Mary. I had known her Dad had been diagnosed with cancer at 36 a couple of months back, and had been given a year to live. Sadly, he died on the Thursday morning. I was so amazed that Emily and her mother both turned up for the Nativity under such heart-breaking circumstances. Makes you stop and think and appreciate just what you have.

The same day was Rowan's Christmas party at Fairmile Kindergarten. Off he trotted that morning, dressed up in his "slacks" and shirt - "I looking smart, Mum" was the comment as I lifted him from the car. They had a grand time; Santa gave him a Thomas the Tank Engine set, which he was delighted with. They ate a reasonably healthy amount of party food, although you wouldn't really want to be taking Ro at his word, as I do believe he makes up half of what he says.

Sean and Finn have their "parties" on Thursday of this week. We were told to send the school-goers in with something they could change into which I took to mean a change of clothes, trousers and a shirt or something. Sean took this to mean he could dress up! So he spent ages this afternoon making his costume - he wants to go as a Christmas Pudding! Screeds of brown paper and sellotape have already been used, and I look forward to seeing the end result! Bless him, he does have that creative streak.

A story worth posting, if only to preserve in my (diminishing) memory was from a week ago. It was a Friday afternoon and I had Zoe, Rory Fletcher and Finn in tow, taking them to Clambers soft play as a treat. We passed the end of the road where the Playgroup church was and Finn commented as such to Rory. Zoe added "yeah, thats where me and Finn fell in love". Finn replied "and we still love each other and are best friends". Zoe informed Rory "we're getting married when we are bigger and are going to live in the house next door to my Mums and knock a new door through where our diningroom kind of is. Isn't that right, Finn?" "Yes Zozo, that's right" Finn replied. It was sweeter than a sweet sweetie! Bless them.

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