Thursday 24 December 2009

Deep and crisp and even

The boys finally got into Winter Wonderland today as we braved the snowy roads and worked our way into town. Sharon had walked them down to the foot of Swanston Drive yesterday so they could go sledging on the path round to Caiyside at the back of the (increasingly derelict) Fairmile Inn. However, they hadn't lasted long until wet gloves and cold overtook them. They've been calling for snow since early November but they just can't play in it for any length of time. Sharon then had a fifteen minute plod back up the hill with Rowan bawling, Finn kicking off and Sean joining in just so he didn't feel left out. Angus sat quietly in the backpack throughout. It took hot chocolates in the batch to calm them down...until Rowan splashed water into Finn's hot chocolate at which point things flared up again.

Anyway, with the boys having been very good at tidying up their rooms and the playroom (Santa was unlikely to leave presents in messy rooms), we drove into town and parked on a snowy Mound. We walked round to the Gardens but as it was still a little bit light we took the boys into Jenners and then round to the Dome to see the trees and lights. At this point I realised we hadn't bought a parking ticket for the car. Remarkably for the centre of Edinburgh I got back in time else it could have been an expensive day out!

Not that the boys were shy with our money. Aberdeen Angus burgers were hoovered then fine hot chocolate was imbibed as we crowded around a patio heater outside the Galleries. We watched the skaters and children splashing about inside inflatable balls then climbed back up to the big wheel and the carousel. I went on with Sean and Rowan as Finn threw a tantrum and refused to come on too. Then he did want to go on, so Sharon took him, only for Finn to start bawling again as soon as the horses went up and down. A tad overwrought at Santa's impending arrival, methinks. We trudged back to the car, sated on festive cheer, and headed for home.

Once refuelled by dinner, Finn perked up and set out for the family service at Fairmilehead Church with Sharon and Sean while I put Angus and Rowan to bed. It seems the churchgoers had a nice Christmassy time singing carols. Sean and Finn were fairly quick to bed on their return, having left out Santa's tray on the shelf on the stair, positioned the present markers in the living room and made sure Sean's signs directing Santa from chimney to bedroom were all in place. They were excited but tired, so our active day had borne fruit. With the snow lying round about, deep and crisp and even, it's going to be a very white Christmas!

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