Thursday 24 December 2009

Nights out

With the boys having had their respective Christmas parties, it was time for Sharon and I to have some festive fun of our own. Sharon was out with her book group on Sunday, a long lunch in Gusto in George St which lasted into the evening. We went out together to Dusit (at last!) on Monday night for a Thai meal. Very tasty but neither of us would have rated it above Thai Lemongrass so Scotland The Best's "best Thai in town" epithet didn't quite fit for us. It was a very chilly evening as the snow which arrived towards the end of last week has refused to shift, leaving our road rather treacherous. We enjoyed a warming drink in the fantastically decorated Dome. Sharon had never been inside it at Christmas. If there's one place to go in Edinburgh at Christmas time then The Dome is it! Last night I went out for a few drinks with Euan Fletcher and Fiona's brother Gordon. We had a good natter seated by the bar in Clositers before catching the bus home. It's good to get out!

I have been reading a library book called "Exploring Space" to Finn and Rowan. Rowan, as he does, likes to repeat things. The moon was still up this morning in the blue sky. Rowan drew this to Sharon's attention then nodded sagely the way only he can. "The world revolving slowly the day," was his pronouncement as to why the moon should still be in the sky.

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