Friday 25 December 2009

Wii wish you a Merry Christmas

Angus was the first of the boys to see Christmas as we gave him his late bottle after midnight and a Christmas cuddle from his loving mum and dad. He repaid us by sleeping through from that point on but Finn appeared by the bed at 3.30am excited because Santa had been. He spent a while in the bed before returning to his own bed. In the morning the boys waited till their normal wake-up time before getting started on their stockings. They were relatively reserved as they discovered a variety of gifts and books that Santa's elves had packed into their stockings, although sneaking some of their sweets in preference to satsumas was a bit naughty. New jammies for everyone and electric toothbrushes were the pick of the presents. We moved downstairs, noting the bites out the carrots and buscuit crumbs, to check Angus's first stocking. He had some little gifts too.

From there we moved into the living room and all hell broke loose! Santy had left a sooty footprint by the fireplace again. A few minutes of frenzied unwrapping revealed the booty that Santa had brought, as well as the other presents from Mum, Dad, Nana, Papa and others. Angus looked on bemused from Sharon's arms as his brothers literally tore into their piles, Rowan almost disappearing beneath a pile of discarded wrapping paper.

Rowan got a new Aquadraw and a knight jigsaw and a noughts and crosses game. Finn got Crayola Glow Station and Meccano. Sean got a Fab Foods Pop'n'Freeze, Famous Five puzzles and a big Galaxy book. They all got new stripy T-shirts and DVDs and Sean got a They Might Be Giants CD which seems set to follow Snack Time as a favourite. Angus got a Bumbo, a little seat for him to be plunked in now that he's outgrown the (thoroughly exhausted) bouncer, a taggy toy for him to suck on, a little wristwatch (for him to suck on) and some clothes.

The big present from us was a Wii. Neither of us are, or have ever been, gaming fans. We had debated getting a Nintendo DS but with four boys it seemed more prudent to get a games console they could all share. They got Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort too as well as SuperMario Kart and a Madagascar game, an extra steering wheel and controller too. So no doubt the cries of "can I watch telly?" will soon be replaced by "can I play on the We-eee?"

Having filled a blue bag with the wrapping paper (Santa and Mrs. Claus must have been busy wrapping all those presents...) the boys began investigating their presents in a little more detail while Sharon cooked the Christmas dinner. A turkey crown and a ham were duly served up as the boys, calmed down and dressed in their new Boden stripey T-shirts, took their places around the table and tucked in. We had dessert by candlelight, which is another tradition Sharon would like to establish.

To work off the effects of the dinner, we took to the Wii, Sean, as experienced gamer from time spent playing at Phoebe's and Ross's, leading the way. We kept to bowling and boxing today with a little bit of MarioKart thrown in. Sean is good at the bowling, Finn was untouchable at the boxing (short, quick arm movements seem best) and Rowan was funny trying to do anything. Sharon's ultra-competitive side comes out all too quickly - she'll have to try to keep that in check although Sean is so immodest we have few qualms about beating him!

Angus was a tad grisly as the day wore on and seems to be coming down with something. Sharon skyped Ardilaun so Adrian, Olivia and Marie and Michael could see the boys, Rowan having a cheeky tongue sticking out contest with Oliv. The boys retired to bed after supper, happy with their lot, allowing Sharon and I some time to reflect on Christmas with four boys. It sure ain't quiet!

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