Thursday 31 December 2009

Social whirl

After a brief thaw on Christmas Day where it looked like the snow was finally on the wane, the cold northerly air hit us again, bringing more snow. Sharon went out for a walk in the evening with Fiona Fletcher while I settled down to watch the cricket highlights. She returned after about two and a half hours looking rather weatherbeaten! And the next day she could barely walk as her pelvis really flared up in the aftermath of her marathon stroll in the snow. I've had a couple of spins in my Audi and it's got to the point where you have to leave our house in a downhill direction and return from the top end. The boys have been reluctant to play in the snow. It takes as long to get them dressed to go out as they actually spend out.

We all went over to the Patersons for lunch on the 27th and were eventually joined by the Valentines as the snow fell thickly once more. Apart from tucking into the fine food laid on by Wendy, we spent the afternoon looking out the window as cars struggled on the bend, wheels spinning furiously as they tried to get purchase on the slight incline. The boys had a great time with Ross, Lewis and Zoe, the older ones mostly playing Wii games. Angus was in poor form though. A subsequent trip to the doctor after another night of poor sleeping and laboured breathing confirmed he has bronchiolitis and most probably RSV, which hospitalized Rowan when he was a couple of months old. Poor lad.

Scott and Zoe and Milly came round for lunch on the 28th and appear to have passed on an unwanted present. I came down with a severe bout of D & V after going to bed on the night of the 29th. I was sick every hour or so for about nine hours. Not a pleasant experience. Fortunately Sharon wasn't struck down until the morning of Hogmanay so at least we were able to cover for each other in the childminding department. I missed Katherine Grainger's visit: Sharon took the boys out with her to the soft play at Craiglockhart to give me some peace and for them to let off some energy. The Barnes were round on the afternoon of the 29th, we had a very pleasant evening dining at the Fletchers on the 28th and we entertained Gav and Hannah Cairns on the 29th. So, a very busy few days on the eating, drinking and visiting front.

Our planned Hogmanay trip through to Largs to stay with the Wilsons was a casualty of the illnesses. Finn was sick once, so he got off lightly, and Angus has gradually improved in his breathing, coughing and appetite but with Sharon taking to her bed tonight at 9.30pm with a migraine in the wake of being sick and me still fragile after the tummy bug, a very quiet New Year is in order. I'm backing up photos to disk, the house is deathly quiet and even outside, with the trees and gardens cloaked in snow, there's barely a sound. Looks like I'm seeing in the bells myself. A quiet end to the noughties!

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