Tuesday 5 January 2010

Snow on snow on snow

Angus had a rotten night coming into New Years Day. He hasn't been sleeping well of late at all, so we've decided to move him back into our room, especially with visitors due. Unfortunately, with him probably having RSV, Olivia has decided it would be prudent to stay in Dublin rather than come over. The boys were distraught as they are getting a bit stir crazy between us being sick and the snow keeping them in. They crave fresh company!

We managed out to Ocean Terminal on Jan 2nd, which was remarkably free of snow, depsite the snow showers blowing in from the Forth and occasionally obscuring Fife. We had lunch in Zizzi's which the boys enjoyed although my risotto was dreadful: tasteless stodge. Angus was funny, sitting in a chair at the table sampling bread and pizza. He's attempting some finger food now, with some success.

The boys hit the sales, with Debenhams and Gap providing some new shirts and tops, but scant few trousers which Rowan especially needs. He's inherited trousers which were literally on their last legs and has been writing them off ever since. At least we know that new purchases for him will now be handed down to Angus! I took the boys on a wander while Sharon had a brief look round the clothes then we all returned home, where Sean was desperate to get back on the Wii. Finn and Rowan seem to end up watching him play most of the time. Sword-fighting is his current favourite.

Sean has also been desperate to phone people of late, possibly because he's been away from his school friends for so long. He phoned me at work today and is very well spoken on the phone. He's even taken a couple of messages for Sharon and been very polite in his phone manner. Hopefully he'll keep that up!

The snow has now been with us for three weeks or so and there's little prospect of a thaw. It was snowing again this evening as Marie and Michael arrived. Icicles are descending from the front gutter and the side hedge is almost top-heavy with the weight of snow on top. I was able to get the car out to work today but Finn and I almost got stuck in the IKEA car park yesterday. Occasionally, when stopped at lights or pulling away, the snow from the roof of the car slowly falls down the windscreen like a bad toupee or slides down in chunks like a bizarre game of Tetris. It's the longest I can remember snow lying since I was a lad. 1980 or thereabouts, they're saying on TV. Michael reckons he's seen nothing like it since the fifties. And the Arctic conditions are expected to persist for the next three weeks. Great!

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