Wednesday 15 February 2012

Taggy found

After 36 hours missing, Taggy, Angus's comforter, has been found. I spent the best part of an hour looking for Taggy yesterday evening, Sharon had another go today and the boys were also pressed into the Great Taggy Hunt. Eventually I lifted Sean's mattress and there was Taggy stuffed down the end next to the headboard. No doubt a result of Angus climbing into Sean's bed first thing in the morning. To his credit he wasn't entirely bereft at Taggy's absence, but it does calm him down if he wakens in the night.

Angus was very tired this evening, having had no sleep at nursery today. He fell asleep sitting with me on the couch as we all watched "How It's Made", a Discovery Channel favourite of Finn's. So I dispensed with the usual bedtime routine and put hinm straight to bed. The boys had a good day yesterday. First they planted bulbs in the garden with Linda then I met them at Wester Hailes for a lunchtime swimming outing. Sean had a great time on the diving boards and Finn to his credit finally managed to jump in off the higher of the two boards. He was rightly pleased with himself. Rowan floated about on a boat most of the time and Angus enjoyed the slide. After I went back to work Sharon took them shoe shopping and then out to Leadburn soft play. Today, Rowan's friend Toby and his brother Bradley came over so the boys are having a good February break.

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